The Board of Directors for Putnam Community Water Corporation at a regular meeting on April 25, 2023 voted 5-1 to change the bi-monthly water rates effective July 1st, 2023.  The new rates are as follows:

0 to 6,000 gallons = $85.00 Minimum Charge
Over 6,000 gallons = $4.00 per 1,000 gallons

Billing Codes
Usage Rate 01 = Cubic Feet
Usage Rate 02 = Gallons
Type A = Actual Reading 
Type E = Estimated Reading
RATE HIKE EFFECTIVE 7/1/24...The Board of Directors of the Putnam Community Water on March 27, 2024 voted to raise the minimum water rate to $90.00 per two months effective July 1, 2024.  This is an increase from the current $85.00 for the first 6000 gallons.  The rate per thousand over the first 6000 gallons will remain the same at $4.00 per thousand gallons.  The rate hike is driven by the higher cost of electricity and other costs associated with daily operations.